Harry Gamboa Jr.: Chicano Male Unbonded

Opens September 16, 2017

About the Exhibition

Photographer, essayist, and performance artist Harry Gamboa Jr. calls into question the relationship between the stereotypes of Mexican American men and the far more diverse community of artists, writers, academics, performers, and other creative thinkers who identify as Chicano in his Chicano Male Unbonded series. Photographed at night and situated within various aspects of Los Angeles’s distinctive urban geography, his subjects together comprise the Chicano avant-garde.
The Harry Gamboa Jr.: Chicano Male Unbonded exhibition opens September 2017, presented in conjunction with the Autry’s LA RAZA photography exhibition. Harry Gamboa Jr.: Chicano Male Unbonded will be the first comprehensive showing of this ongoing work of art, including more than 90 images and recent, unseen work.