The Autry: Bank of America Gallery

About the Exhibition

Coming Soon to the Bank of America Gallery

Join the Autry as we discover what and why are they important in our newest exhibition changeout, “Waterways,” in the permanent Human Nature exhibition.

A waterway is a river, canal, or ocean passage that serves as a route of travel or transport, like “veins” or “highways.” Waterways are sacred. They are lifelines, essential for survival, and what connects us all. Waterways have provided resources and connections for thousands of years and deserve our protection.

The “Waterways” changeout will focus on the ongoing and interdependent relationships between the people and natural environments of California. It will highlight cultural history, traditional ecological knowledge, and contemporary practices to address environmental problems facing Californians today.

“Waterways” is sponsored by Edison International, the Paloheimo Foundation, and the Steinmetz Foundation.