Of this body; of this earth

On View Saturdays Through June 30

Historic Southwest Museum Mt. Washington Campus

About the Exhibition

Tunnel Entrance

Of this body; of this earth is an investigation of the historical and mythological overlaps of earth, body, and tool. By exhibiting raw materials, handmade tools, diagrammatic drawings, and recordings of fire, Robinson aims to understand and connect the dots between matter, time, and human existence. Her works draw upon the elemental compositions of the materials that she uses, creating fundamental tools that could be used to grind, mark, and measure. Existing as indexical or narrative artifacts, each tool’s intended function is informed and activated by the matter of its anatomy; mirroring the elemental functions that take place in our bodies.

Organized by Holiday, a non-location-based, interdisciplinary curatorial project founded by Luke Forsyth and Pejman Shojaei.