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Aguilar, Richard Santo Domingo Pueblo / Mississippi Choctaw Jewelry Website
Bailon, Francisco Kewa Pueblo Beadwork Website, Facebook, Instagram
Beck, Nanibaa Diné (Navajo) Jewelry Website, Facebook, Instagram
Blueflint Ramel, Tim Bad River Chippewa / Comanche Fine Art Native American Flutes, Jewelry Website, Facebook,Instagram
Boome, Peter Upper Skagit Printmaking, Painting, Carving Website, Facebook, Instagram
Brokeshoulder, Nick T. Hopi Tribe of Arizona Hopi Katsina Carver Website
Brown, Jerry Dine' Painting Website, Facebook, Instagram
Brown, MB Dine' Youth - Painting, mixed media Website
Burgess, Nocona Comanche/Kiowa Acrylic Paintings Website, Facebook, Instagram
California Native Glass Yurok Fused Glass Website, Facebook, Instagram
Calladitto, Henry Navajo Jewelry Website
Calladitto, Myles Navajo Jewelry Website
Charley, Avis Spirit Lake Dakota/ Diné Color pencil on antique paper, oil on canvas Website, Facebook, Instagram
Chavez, Jared San Felipe Pueblo Jewelry Website, Facebook, Instagram
Clarkson, Karen Choctaw Painting/ Mixed Media Website, Facebook, Instagram
Cuch, Mariah Northern Ute Traditional & Fine Arts Website
Dark Mountain, Dawn Oneida Nation of Wisconsin Painting and print-making Website, Facebook
Dougi, Ishkoten Jicarilla Apache/Navajo Sculpture/Painting Facebook, Instagram
Fontenot, Peggy Patawomeck/Potawatomi Descent/Cherokee Descent Photography/Beadwork Website, Facebook, Instagram
Hawkins, Yonavea Caddo Beadwork & Cultural Items Website, Facebook, Instagram
Henry, Fiona Paiute Youth- mixed media painter Website
Henry, Karma Paiute Mixed Media Painting Website, Instagram
Her Many Horses, Emil Oglala Lakota Diverse Cultural Art Forms/Personal Attire Facebook
Honyestewa, Iva & L. Edward Hopi Basketry using yucca, willow, and three leaf sumac Website, Facebook
House, DG Cherokee Tribe NE Alabama Visual artist working as a painter, print maker and photographer Website, Facebook, Instagram
Hummingbird, Jesse T. Cherokee acrylic paintings Website
Jacobs, Margaret Akwesasne Mohawk sculpture and jewelry Website, Instagram
James, Dalton Hopi Colored Pencil, Watercolor, Acrylic, Ink Website
Johnston, Donald Qagan Tayagungin Baskets Website, Facebook
Kemp, Rykelle Mvskoke Creek-Euchee, Diné, Choctaw Jewelry and printmaking Website, Facebook, Instagram
Kothman, Pauline Yurok/Paiute Handmade Contemporary & Traditional Native Art Jewelry Website, Instagram
Laughing, Mona Navajo Textile Website, Facebook
Lewis-Barnes, Melissa Navajo Diverse Art: Custom Hat Maker Website, Facebook, Instagram
Littlewarrior, Nadiya Potawatomi 10766 Gourd Art/Diverse Arts Website
Lomatewama, Justin Hopi Katsina Doll Carvings & Paintings Website
Lujan, Carol Dine' (Navajo) Glass & Clay Website
Lujan, Deborah Taos Pueblo Photography Website
Marion, Andy Navajo Jewelry Website
McKay, Glenda Ingalik-Athabascan Mixed Media, Miniature Alaskan Dolls, Traditional Alaskan Native Art Website
McKinney, Jonathan Acoma Pueblo Jewelry Website, Instagram
Melero-Moose, Melissa Paiute Painting Website
Mitchell, Toney Dine/ Navajo Jewelry - Navajo Silversmith Website
Mountainflower, Sage Ohkay Owingeh Beadwork, Clothing and Personal Attire Website, Facebook, Instagram
Natachu Jr, Elroy Zuni Pueblo Paintings/2D Website, Facebook, Instagram
Nez, Jr., Sidney Navajo Contemporary Navajo Jewelry Website
Norton, Corrine Navajo-Osage Digital Art Website
Norton, Douglas K. Navajo Native American Flutes Website
Padilla, Ellouise Kewa fka Santo Domingo Pueblo Jewelry Website, Facebook, Instagram
Parrish, Jason Navajo Painting Website, Instagram
Quam, Kandis Zuni Pueblo/Navajo Nation Paintings/2D Website, Facebook, Instagram
Rogers, Michael Paiute Jewelry Website
Salazar, Jeremy Navajo acrylic Website, Facebook, Instagram
Secatero, Lyle Navajo Jewelry Website, Facebook, Instagram
Shakespeare, Lindsey Mescalero Apache Soft Sculpture Dolls & Photography Website
Slim, Michael L. Navajo Jewelry Website, Instagram
Sorensen, Matagi Yavapai-Apache Nation Jewelry Metalsmithing Website, Facebook, Instagram
Spears, Dawn Narragansett/Choctaw Cornhusk Dolls, Handpainted Shoes and Accessories Website, Facebook, Instagram
Steelink, Laurie Akimel O'otham, Gila River Indian Community Mixed media (painting, assemblage, installation) Website, Instagram
Stein, Corey E. Tlingit Beadwork Website, Instagram
St. Arnold, Cody Jicarilla Apache/Keweenaw Bay Ojibwe Screenprint, Acrylic Website, Instagram
Tom, Jack Diné (Navajo) Gold and silver jewelry. Traditional and contemporary Navajo Designs. Facebook
Toya, Michael Jemez Pueblo Fineart paintings, Contemporary traditional Pueblo designs/pop art painting mashup with Pueblo designe Website, Instagram
Trudeau, Sharon Odawa Diverse Arts, Beadwork Website, Instagram
Tsosie, Darrick Jemez Pueblo, NM Pottery Website
Urness, Zoe Tlingit Photography Website, Instagram
White II, Kenneth Navajo Sculpture & Paintings Website, Facebook, Instagram
Yazzie, Tim San Felipe Pueblo/Santo Domingo/Navajo Jewelry Website, Facebook

A Note About Tribal Affiliations

Native American tribes are known by many different names. Often, the most familiar name is not what a tribe calls itself. For example, although Navajo Nation is the tribe’s official name, its autonym is Dine, Diné, or Dineh, and artists might opt for any of these terms. Some tribes have changed their legal names to reflect the names used in their own languages. Native artists carefully choose how they wish their tribal affiliations to be listed so as to reflect history, geography, culture, and other important aspects of their identities.
The American Indian Arts Marketplace is a showcase for artists from over 40 Native tribes across all of North America, including from our own state of California. Like all other tribes around the country, California’s tribes have a tragic and tumultuous history. In the 1950s the federal government’s continued attempts to force assimilation on the entire Native American population resulted in the termination (i.e., loss of federally recognized status) of more than 109 tribes. In California, this came about through the Rancheria Act of 1958, which resulted in the termination of the federal status of 44 Indian tribes.
Some artists here today are descendants of California tribes that are not currently recognized by the United States federal government. Those artists will be identified with an asterisk (*) following their tribal affiliation. We encourage you to meet these and all of the artists here today to learn more about their cultural identities and rich histories.

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