Investigating Griffith Park: Yarnscape

Create crochet pieces inspired by Griffith Park through these instructional videos. In 2020, as part of our exhibition Investigating Griffith Park we invited Autry community to make pieces to represent various aspects of the park,from nature to recreational activities, and submit them to the Autry. We have added the pieces to the gallery, around a crocheted Griffith Park sign, to capture the essence of the park to create a community display. Stop by the exhibition and see the pieces of art for yourself!

If you enjoy these projects, you may also like our series Crocheting the Collection, which takes inspiration from objects and design motifs in the Autry’s collection. 

Merry-go-round Horse


Party Sign

Red-tailed Hawk

Elderberry Leaf

California Poppy



Leafy Daisies

Letter Blocks