Thursday, October 29, 2020, Noon

About the Event

If you could ask the people behind the scenes at the Autry anything, what would it be? Wonder no more. We give you Office Hours, a new series hosted on Instagram Live that allows viewers the opportunity to ask experts across the field the questions they've always pondered. As a live program, viewers can send in questions and receive answers immediately, providing them with access to experts like never before. To join the convo, just give the Autry a follow on Instagram: @theautry

And for archived editions, scroll down below! 

How do I participate/view?

On the date and time of the Office Hours (see schedule below), sign onto Instagram and join the Autry as we go live. You can send questions beforehand to be answered live by e-mailing and specifying who the question is for.

What can I ask?

Anything. As the old saying goes, "there's no such thing as a stupid question." Examples: What's your favorite piece in the collection? How did you become a curator?

How can I see the content if I don't have an Instagram? I don't have Instagram, I don't want to signup. It's just dogs, food pics, and influencers.

We hear ya. To make something live and provide direct communication in a time of social distancing, we chose to host it on our Instagram acccount. After the live Instagram feed, we will select a few of the questions and put it on our blog for people to access it at their leisure. We are also including several editions archived on YouTube, below! 

Thursday, October 29, Noon | Tyree Boyd-Pates, Associate Curator of Western History

For this special Autry Office Hours, Tyree Boyd-Pates will introduce the new iteration of Collecting Community History Initiative, Electoral Politics in the West. Considering the historical moment and nature of this year's election, the Autry seeks your help to document, collect, catalog, and preserve this critical moment in political history within the American West. Join us and bring your questions!


Autry Office Hours - DeLanna Studi