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John Lithgow in Conversation with CEO Stephen Aron

Saturday, December 4, 2021 | This event has passed

The Autry in Griffith Park

See the recorded discussion below.

About the Event

John Lithgow, award winning actor, author, and illustrator, chats with Stephen Aron, Autry President & CEO, for a wide-ranging conversation touching on some problematic historical figures, accepted mythologies about our past, and the need for every generation to write and rewrite history. The conversation is set against the backdrop of the Autry’s central mural, subject of a recent KCET Artbound episode Imagined Wests, and itself now an artifact of changing interpretations of our past.

Prior to the discussion, recently retired Autry President & CEO Rick West was honored at a reception. West's 8-year tenure saw the expansion and diversification of curatorial staff and narrative at the Autry.

Lithgow’s latest collection of satirical poems and illustrations, A Confederacy of Dumptys, takes us through a history of twenty-five "American Scoundrels."  

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John Lithgow in Conversation with CEO Stephen Aron