Every year the Autry hosts Sizzling Summer Nights, a series of outdoor performances of top and emerging salsa and Latin fusion music scene. Since we couldn’t gather in person this past summer, we created a virtual series of interviews, hosted by our band consultant Ernesto Lechner, featuring renowned musicians. Watch for conversations with Lechner and his guests as they discuss how they started their careers followed by a performance by the band.

Backstage with Daniel Jiménez Afanador

Like many other young singer/songwriters from Colombia, Daniel Jiménez Afanador grew up dancing to cumbia and salsa hits from his homeland while idolizing heavy metal and rock albums by the likes of Queen and Iron Maiden. The seamless fusion of Anglo with Latin influences is one of the elements that makes Afanador’s own music such a sophisticated, wide-encompassing experience.

For an extra helping of Latin singer/songwriter goodness, here’s a Spotify playlist highlighting key genre tracks. 


Backstage with Caro Pierotto & Grecco Buratto 

Based in Los Angeles, Brazilian singer/songwriters Caro Pierotto and Grecco Buratto are musical and romantic partners. Although their creations showcase a contemporary sensibility, both composers draw inspiration from the classic bossa nova sound of the ‘60s and the eclectic Brazilian style known as MPB—música popular brasileira—which emerged in the late ‘60s and continues to evolve in the present.

For an extra helping of bossa nova, here’s a Spotify playlist highlighting key genre tracks.



El Asesino del Romance

An intoxicating blend of nostalgic poetry and ethereal melodies defines the glorious indie-pop soundscapes of Buenos Aires-based sextet El Asesino del Romance. Like many bands from Latin America, El Asesino combines a keen understanding of art-rock and alternative pop from England and the U.S. with a sensibility that’s distinctly Latin.

For an extra helping of Latin Alternative atmospherics, here’s a Spotify playlist highlighting key genre tracks.


SIZZLING SUMMER NIGHTS: Backstage with Ernesto Lechner and El Asesino del Romance

Backstage with Chino Espinoza

Chino’s straight ahead salsa style blossomed in New York and Puerto Rico between the late ‘60s and the early ‘70s, when a daring generation of young musicians combined the structures of Cuban dance formats with Puerto Rican folk styles and echoes of funk, jazz and R&B and even a hint of psychedelia.

For an extra helping of salsa fever, listen to this playlist created by Lechner highlighting some key genre tracks.

    About Ernesto Lechner 

    Ernesto has written articles on music and Latin culture for the Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, Interview, Vibe, Entertainment Weekly, the Chicago Tribune, and many other publications. He is the author of the book Rock en Espanol The Latin Alternative Explosion and the co-host of the weekly, nationally syndicated show “The Latin Alternative” airing on more that 50 NPR and affiliated stations.  


    SIZZLING SUMMER NIGHTS: Backstage with Ernesto Lechner and Chino Espinoza

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