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Artist Directory 2023

Artist Tribal Affiliation Booth
Aceves, Jacob youth artist D20
Allison, Florine Hopi C19
Allison, Robert Hopi/Pima C19
Alvitre, Cindi Tongva* C3
Ami II, Carlon P. Navajo/Tewa/Hopi D2
Anderson, Ephraim Navajo C7
Aragon, Loren Acoma Pueblo D11
Arivzu, Lazaro Gabrielino* C1
Atencio, Lita Santo Domingo Pueblo (Kewa) E9
Balloue, John Cherokee Nation D14
Bañagas, Samuel Seminole Nation D20
Bañagas-Aceves, Jennifer Seminole Nation D20
Beck, Nanibaa Diné (Navajo Nation) C13
Bednorz, Elijah youth artist A14
Bednorz, EllaRose youth artist A14
Begay, Ben Navajo C27
Begay, Calvin Navajo D3
Begay, Joseph Navajo (Dine) C24
Begay, Larry Navajo C25
Begay, Leroy Navajo A4
Begay, Philbert Navajo A16
Begay, Rena Navajo A4
Belgarde-Cornelius, Pati Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa A8
Benally, Ernest Navajo B12
Benally, Fernando Navajo B27
Benally, Veronica Navajo B12
Blake, Larissa The Navajo Nation B11
Brewer, Wills Cherokee C28
Brown, Jerry Diné A11
Brown, MB Mary Helen youth artist A11
Calamity, Milford Navajo A19
Calladitto, Henry Navajo D7
Calladitto, Mark Navajo D5
Calladitto, Myles Roy Navajo C6
Candelaria, Donovan San Felipe Pueblo D31
Candelaria, Roger San Felipe Pueblo E10
Carolin, Rex (Wambli Sapa) Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe A1
Chavez, Jared J. San Felipe Pueblo D1
Chavez, Richard I. San Felipe Pueblo D1
Chavez-Thomas, Lisa Isleta Pueblo A24
Chee, Frank and Evelyn Navajo C20
Chee, Ronald Diné D16
Cummings, Edison Navajo Dine C15
Custer, Gary Navajo B29
Dawavendewa, Richard L. Hopi A17
Deel, Lisa Navajo and Hopi B17
Deel, Shawn Navajo and Hopi B17
Dukepoo, Randy Hopi/Laguna B23
Earles, Chase Kahwinhut Caddo Nation A12
Edaakie, Keith Pueblo of Zuni C26
Edaakie, Raylan Pueblo of Zuni C26
Emarthle Douglas, Carol Northern Arapaho-Seminole A2
Emerson, Anthony Chee Navajo D24
Emerson, Cheyanne Navajo D24
Emerson, Zachary Navajo D24
Fontenot, Peggy Patawomeck, Potawatomi descent A14
Fragua-Curley, Felicia Pueblo of Jemez B8
Garcia, Nelson D. Santo Domingo Pueblo D23
Gaussoin, Jr., Jerry E. Navajo & Picuris Pueblo B15
Gloria Jean Textiles, Navajo A18
Grant, Antonio Eastern Band Cherokee B24
Greenstone, Jr. , Regnar Navajo B28
Hacker, Paul Choctaw A32
Hale, Clarissa Navajo D29
Harrison, Jimmie Navajo-Diné B5
Harrison, Rowan Pueblo of Isleta/Navajo A5
Hasken, Amos Navajo A30
Henry, Fiona youth artist D12
Henry, Karma Paiute D12
Hoeffer Felix, Raquel Comáac / Seri Indians, Mexico E2
Horace Quannie, Kevin Hopi/Diné A22
Horn, Jr., Jimmy Dean Chickasaw D10
Hudson, Susan Navajo B14
Jackson, Dawn Saginaw Chippewa D22
Jhane, Wakeah Comanche/Kiowa B1
Joe, Bruce Navajo B9
Johnson, Robert Navajo B30
Kayquoptewa, Horace Hopi C17
Kayquoptewa, Lewis youth artist C17
Kayquoptewa, Rae Ann youth artist C17
Kemp, Rykelle "Ahlazua" Choctaw/Mvskoke Creek-Euchee/Diné A23
King, Carina Cherokee, Yurok A10
Lane, Bruce Navajo C16
Lee, Erecka Navajo B25
Lee, Leanne Pueblo of Zuni and Navajo C26
Lee, Milton Navajo Nation C21
Lee, Tonialia M. Navajo D19
Lee-Anderson, Kyle Navajo C29
Lee-Anderson, Trent Navajo C29
Lewis, Alexander J. Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe (CRST) B16
Littlewarrior, Nadiya Potawatomi C2
Livingston, Jay Jacob Navajo/Zuni C14
Livingston, Jaysen Navajo C14
Lomatewama, Caryl Hopi D25
Lomatewama, Jessica Hopi D25
Lomatewama, Justin Hopi C18
Lomatewama-Kayquoptewa, Stephanie Hopi C17
Malone, Emily Ann The Navajo Nation B11
Manygoats, Benson Navajo E8
Marion, Andy Navajo A20
Mata Fragua, Leah yak titu titu yak tilhini Northern Chumash* D13
McDermott, Megan Little Shell Chippewa, Blackfeet, Cree A2
Mendoza, Bill Oglala and Sicanghu Lakota E7
Minkler, Sam Navajo-Diné D26
Mitchell, Tonéy Dinéh C9
Moreno Lopez, Carmen Comáac / Seri Indians, Mexico E2
Moreno Lopez, Francisca Comáac / Seri Indians, Mexico E2
Moreno Lopez, Patricia Comáac / Seri Indians, Mexico E2
Nequatewa, Verma Hopi C4
Nez, Dee Navajo D27
Nez, Nathan Navajo (Diné) D4
Nickelson, Harry Choctaw A9
OldCoyote, Mikaylee youth artist B22
Parker, Anthony Omaha Tribe of Nebraska A21
Pecos-SunRhodes, Rose Jemez Pueblo B22
Platero, Melvin Diné B20
Pyke, Holly Akwesasne Mohawk B10
Rafael, Tonya June Navajo B26
Ratt, Christal Algonquin Anishnabe C22
Rogers, Shaun Navajo/Hopi A27
Scott, Gilmore Diné (Navajo) A7
Secatero, Lyle Navajo C8
Singer, Philip Dine' - Navajo C11
Sorensen, Matagi Yavapai-Apache Nation A2
Stein, Corey Tlingit D8
Stevens, Mark D. Laguna Pueblo B7
Stevens, Shannon R. Laguna Pueblo/Hopi B7
SunRholdes, Colton youth artist B22
Tacheney, Priscilla Navajo A15
Tafoya, Mary Louise Santo Domingo Pueblo A6
Taho, Mark Ron Hopi/Diné B13
Tapahe, Eugene Diné (Navajo) D18
Tenorio, Roy San Felipe Pueblo A31
Tippeconnic, Eric Comanche Nation D6
Tom, Jack Navajo E4
Tongva Basketry Collective* C2
Townsend, Jennifer San Felipe Pueblo D31
Toya, Michael Jemez Pueblo A25
Tsosie, Darrick Jemez Pueblo NM B19
Tsosie, Hiro Navajo Nation B18
Tsosie, Lyndon Navajo B18
Urness, Zoe Tlingit A3
Valencia, Jason D. San Felipe Pueblo D28
Victoriano, LaDonna Acoma Pueblo C23
Weahkee, Manuel Willie Zuni C10
Westika, Todd Zuni Pueblo B3
Whaler, Avelino Santo Domingo Pueblo + Keetoowah E3
Whaler, Janelle L. Santo Domingo Pueblo E3
Whiterock, John Navajo/Diné A26
Whitethorne, Sr., Baje Navajo C12
Willis, George "Shukata" Choctaw D17
Woods, Ann Navajo C30
Woods, Sam Navajo C30
Yazzie, Donovan Navajo D21
Yazzie, Larry Navajo (Diné) B31
Yazzie, Peterson Diné (Navajo) B21
Yazzie, Venaya J. Diné/Hopi D9
Yazzie, Victoria J. Diné/Navajo Nation D32

A Note About Tribal Affiliations

Native American tribes are known by many different names. Often, the most familiar name is not what a tribe calls itself. For example, although Navajo Nation is the tribe’s official name, its autonym is Dine, Diné, or Dineh, and artists might opt for any of these terms. Some tribes have changed their legal names to reflect the names used in their own languages. Native artists carefully choose how they wish their tribal affiliations to be listed so as to reflect history, geography, culture, and other important aspects of their identities.

The American Indian Arts Marketplace is a showcase for artists from over 40 Native tribes across all of North America, including from our own state of California. Like all other tribes around the country, California’s tribes have a tragic and tumultuous history. In the 1950s the federal government’s continued attempts to force assimilation on the entire Native American population resulted in the termination (i.e., loss of federally recognized status) of more than 109 tribes. In California, this came about through the Rancheria Act of 1958, which resulted in the termination of the federal status of 44 Indian tribes.

Some artists here today are descendants of California tribes that are not currently recognized by the United States federal government. Those artists will be identified with an asterisk (*) following their tribal affiliation. We encourage you to meet these and all of the artists here today to learn more about their cultural identities and rich histories.

Land Acknowledgment

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