Autry Outreach: Bringing Museum Discovery to the Classroom

Autry Outreach: Bringing Museum Discovery to the Classroom

Autry Outreach: Bringing Museum Discovery to the Classroom

Autry Outreach programs bring together students, teachers, and museum professionals to learn about history in fun and engaging ways. For more information or to book Autry-in-Residence for your school, please contact

Autry in Residence (Grades 3–5)

An object-based history program

Autry in Residence makes learning history fun while fostering student-driven learning, critical thinking, and other important skills. Trained museum teachers come to your classroom with a collection of objects related to specific topics in the history of the American West. Working in teams and facilitated by Autry staff, students become history detectives, learning about the past by looking at—and asking questions about—an object or group of objects.

3rd Grade: The history and culture of the Tongva people (the first Angelenos)
4th Grade: The diverse peoples of the California Gold Rush
5th Grade: The experience of migrants on the Overland Trail

Autry Classroom Curators (Grades 7–12)

A project-based program for students in middle and high school that can be adapted for English, history, geography, film, or political science classes

Autry Classroom Curators turns middle and high school students into researchers, scholars, and artists, training students in a wide range of skills for college and the job market. Classroom teachers, students, and Autry staff work together closely to create projects related to topics already studied in class. Previous programs have included exhibitions, poetry readings, films, and dance performances. The Autry provides access to scholars, teaching artists, and professionals in a variety of fields.

Classroom Curator projects are then premiered either at the museum, in your community, or at your school. Here, students display their works and speak to attendees about their research and final projects, demonstrating their depth of knowledge and acquired skills. Invited guests include historians, artists, actors, filmmakers, and community and philanthropic leaders.

This program is grant funded, and space is limited.


Autry Classroom Curators

Educational Programs at the Autry are sponsored by:

  • The Ahmanson Foundation
  • The Albertsons Foundation
  • Capital Group Companies Foundation
  • Dwight Stuart Youth Fund
  • The Georgina-Fredrick Children’s Foundation
  • Hearst Foundations
  • The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern California
  • The Sheri and Les Biller Family Foundation
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Union Bank
  • U.S. Bank Foundation