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The Autry: Ethnobotanical Garden

About the Exhibition

In the outdoor ethnobotanical garden, discover more than 60 native California plant species and examples of their past and present uses. Designed by landscape architect Matthew Kennedy (Ponca), the 7,000-square-foot space comprises seating and relaxation areas, a wetlands cove, pond, waterfall, basalt columns, and a California Oak tree. An interactive digital guide offers detailed information about the garden’s many elements.

For a fun and educational visit to the Autry, download and print our Plant Detective Scavenger Hunt.

Presented as part of the Autry’s California Continued project.

2021 Support for the Ethnobotanical Garden

Edison International

California Continued Sponsors

Another Project to Improve California Museums funded by the 2006 Clean Water Bond Act • California Continued is made possible through the generous support of Cindy and Alan Horn

Bank of America     Clean Water Bond Act