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Community Stories Outreach Kits

Open one of our Community Stories Kits and come face-to-face with history. Each kit profiles a community through the eyes of an actual person. Their stories, traditions, challenges, and opportunities come to life through carefully chosen resource materials and lesson plans, encouraging students to investigate their own family and community histories.

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  • Ellen Cook: African Americans in the West Outreach Kit

    African Americans in the West / Ellen Cook

    Explore the opportunities and the discrimination African Americans faced through lessons about migration, education, oral history, and quilting.

    View a sample lesson plan.

  • Tom Shee Bin: Chinese Americans in the West Outreach Kit

    Chinese Americans in the West / Tom Shee Bin

    Learn about the roles that immigration laws, family, and cultural traditions have played in the history of Chinese American people.

  • Matthew Wheelwright: Overland Migration Outreach Kit

    Overland Migration / Matthew Wheelwright

    Imagine the struggles and excitement of being a pioneer on the Mormon Trail.

  • Isabel Esparza Huizar: Ranching and Cowboys Outreach Kit

    Ranching and Cowboys / Isabel Esparza Huizar

    The colorful story of thisTejano family features a hero of the Alamo, vaqueros (cowboys), and ranching.

    View a sample lesson plan.

  • The Siva Family: Cahuilla Indians Outreach Kit

    Cahuilla Indians / The Siva Family

    Investigate the traditions, language, and art of the Cahuilla, Native people from the desert of Southern California.

  • Dame Shirley: The Gold Rush Outreach Kit

    The Gold Rush / Dame Shirley

    Experience the gold rush through a series of personal letters written by Dame Shirley in 1850.

    View a sample lesson plan.

  • Kelly Roth: Immigration and Community Outreach Kit

    Immigration and Community / Kelly Roth

    Lessons about immigration, citizenship, and Jewish traditions are drawn from the life of an entrepreneur in Los Angeles in the 1890s.

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