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Actress Gail Davis

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left side

1956; serial number 1568SA
Owner: actress Gail Davis
Inscribed: Gail Davis
Manufacturer: Colt's Manufacturing Company
Donated by Mr. and Mrs. Gene Autry

Gail Davis played the title character on the television series Annie Oakley. The syndicated series ran from 1954 to 1956 and was produced by Gene Autry’s Flying A Productions. At a time when men dominated the airwaves, Davis was the first female lead on a Western television series. Her show presented a strong, independent woman who was a positive role model for girls of all ages. Like her male counterparts, Davis often carried a Single Action Army. She only used it to disarm individuals who threatened the fictional town of Diablo. This inscribed Single Action Army was presented to Davis by Colt President Fred A. Roff. A matching revolver was also presented to Gene Autry.

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    right side
  • inscription on backstrap

     inscription on backstrap
  • Publicity photograph of actress Gail Davis as Annie Oakley circa 1954

    Autry National Center

  • An Annie Oakley comic book from 1958

    Autry National Center
  • The matching Presentation Single Action Army given to Gene Autry

    Autry National Center


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