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Actor Buck Jones

right side

right side

1891; serial number 139166
Owner: actor Buck Jones
Inscribed: Buck / Dell
Manufacturer: Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company
Engraver: Edward Bohlin

Buck Jones got his start as a cowboy working at the Miller Brothers 101 Ranch in Oklahoma, a cattle operation and Wild West show. Jones made his way to Hollywood, where he initially found work as a stuntman and bit player in Westerns. He soon became a leading man, ultimately making more than 160 films during the silent and sound eras. Jones used this Single Action Army in many of his movies. Edward Bohlin, "saddlemaker to the stars," personally engraved the revolver. Focusing primarily on gun grips, the Bohlin shop rarely decorated firearms, and those engraved by Bohlin himself are exceptionally rare. The revolver was a Christmas gift to Jones from his wife Dell, a gifted equestrian and stuntwoman.

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  • grip, right side

    grip, right side
  • grip, left side

    grip, left side

  • engraving detail

    engraving detail
  • butt detail

    butt detail
  • multiple objects

    multiple objects

  • multiple objects

    multiple objects
  • Movie poster for The Lone Rider (1930) starring Buck Jones

    Autry National Center
  • Photograph of actor Buck Jones autographed to Edward Bohlin

    Autry National Center

  • Photograph of Dell Jones, equestrian, stuntwoman, and wife of actor Buck Jones

    Autry National Center


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