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Cased Python Hunter Model Revolver

cased set

cased set

1981; serial number GAS-OP8H
Manufacturer: Colt Industries
Engraver: Alvin A. White

The Python Model Revolver, one of the finest firearms Colt has ever produced, also came in a special variation known as the Python Hunter. Chambered in .357 Magnum caliber, the Python Hunter had an eight-inch barrel and an elaborate, factory-installed telescopic sight. The grips were neoprene with gold Colt medallions. It also came standard with an aluminum carrying case, made by Halliburton, with a cleaning rod, cartridge case, and instruction manual. Manufactured in 1981 only, approximately 2,400 were produced, with hunting enthusiasts being the target audience. This example, made exclusively for Colt Industries Chairman George A. Strichman, features opulent engraving throughout and a gold-inlaid Rampant Colt on the left side of the frame.

  • left side

    left side
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    right side
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    cased set detail


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