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Cased Presentation Detective Special Model Revolver



1973; serial number 1000000
Inscribed: PRESENTED TO / George A. Strichman / Chairman of the Board / Colt Industries / BY / David C. Eaton / President / Colt Firearms Division / Dec. 13, 1973
Inscribed: Colt Detective Special / Serial No. 1000,000
Manufacturer: Colt Industries
Engraver: Robert Burt

Snubnose revolvers, or belly guns, have a barrel length of less than three inches. Designed for concealment, they are especially popular with undercover or plainclothes police officers. The Detective Special Model Revolver, as the name indicates, is such a gun. Introduced in 1927, the Detective Special has a two-inch barrel and weighs a mere twenty-one ounces. Despite its diminutive size, the Detective Special was designed to shoot the powerful .38 Special cartridge. This opulently engraved example is the one millionth production specimen, serial number 1000000. The revolver and custom-made case were presented to George Strichman, Chairman of the Board and later Chairman Emeritus of Colt Industries, by David C. Eaton, the President of Colt’s Firearms Division.

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