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New Service Revolver

right side

right side

1936; serial number 339755
Owner: lawman Col. Charles Askins Jr.
Manufacturer: Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company
Acquisition made possible in part by John E. Bianchi Jr.

Colonel Charles Askins Jr. was a colorful figure of the twentieth-century American West. Raised in Oklahoma, Askins spent his early years fighting fires in Montana for the U.S. Forest Service and serving as a park ranger at the Kit Carson National Forest in New Mexico. He joined the U.S. Border Patrol in 1930 and the United States Army in 1941. Throughout his career, Askins competed in and won numerous shooting competitions, including the prestigious National Matches competition at Camp Perry, Ohio. He also found time to write countless articles and books relating to hunting and shooting. Askins used many firearms in his life, but one of his favorites was this specially modified New Service. It accompanied him everywhere, from the border of Mexico to the banks of Germany’s Rhine River. Askins was made of the same true grit as many of the lawmen and gunfighters on the American frontier.

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