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Samuel Colt’s cigar stand

Samuel Colt’s cigar stand

Samuel Colt’s cigar stand

Circa 1855;
Maker: William Adams

Samuel Colt had a strong appreciation for fine cigars, especially those from Havana, Cuba. Beyond his personal enjoyment, Colt was known to keep a huge supply of cigars readily available to give to friends and associates during social and business settings. Colt’s love of cigars was evident in his custom-made cigar stand. Finely crafted by New York silversmith William Adams, the cigar stand was made of sterling silver with a gold finish on the upper section of the base. A Rampant Colt, which originally appeared on the Colt family coat of arms and was used by Samuel Colt on a variety of objects, was engraved on the bulbous center section.

  • top view

    top view
  • detail

  • engraving detail

    engraving detail

  • The Colt coat of arms circa 1835

    Autry National Center
  • Photograph of Samuel Colt circa 1855

    Autry National Center


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