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Walker Model Revolver

left side

left side

1847; serial number 1004
Designers: Samuel Colt and Samuel H. Walker
Manufacturer: Eli Whitney Jr.

After the failure of the Patent Arms Manufacturing Company, Samuel Colt returned to gun making in 1847 at the behest of Samuel H. Walker, a former Texas Ranger and a newly appointed captain of the United States Mounted Rifles. Walker worked closely with Colt on the design of a new model, which was quickly approved by the United States Ordnance Department. It was manufactured at the armory established by cotton gin inventor Eli Whitney and operated by his son. The success of the Walker Model Revolver on the American frontier ultimately allowed Colt to establish a new enterprise, Colt’s Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company, which has continued in business to this day. Serial number 1004 was part of a special group, the so-called Civilian Model Walkers, which were presented to important personnel Colt hoped could help secure future government contracts. A few were also offered to the general population, hence the name Civilian.

  • right side

    right side
  • Captain Samuel Hamilton Walker circa 1846

    courtesy of Library of Congress


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