Native Voices Presents: The New Adventures of Super Indian

Native Voices Presents: The New Adventures of Super Indian
By Arigon Starr (Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma)

Free streaming extended by popular demand to July 28, 2021!

This year, Native Voices goes virtual. The New Adventures of Super Indian, created and written by Arigon Starr (Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma) based on her popular graphic novels, unfolds over three audio episodes that tell the comic exploits of Super Indian and the residents of the fictional Leaning Oak Reservation. Hubert Logan, an ordinary reservation boy turned superhero faces off against three of his biggest foes—Wampum Baggs, the ringleader of the Circle of Evil; Blud Kwan’Tum, a cursed vampire determined to become a full-blooded Indian by any means necessary; and Karlie Keane, a scheming social media diva.

Episode Summaries

Episode 1: ORIGINS


Leaning Oak Reservation is a quiet community or so young Hubert Logan thought. The only big news on Uncle Chester's Radio Show was the daily bingo specials. Learn how a tainted food product, an ancient artifact, and a supervillain change Leaning Oak and Hubert forever. 





Blud Kwan'tum, a mysterious stranger with a dark past, visits Leaning Oak seeking full-blood citizens. When Hubert's boss, Lena Marie, and other townspeople begin acting strange, it's up to Super Indian and his friends to solve the mystery and save the day. Can Super Indian keep Blud Kwan'tum from claiming the townsfolk and their O-so-negative demeanor?



It’s hip, it’s fashionable and everyone wants one! But this warbonnet brings disaster to anyone who wears it. Can Super Indian keep this sacred regalia from getting into the wrong hands?

The New Adventures of Super Indian Playbill

The New Adventures of Super Indian

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