Bear Dance Dreamer

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The Southern Ute tribe of Colorado has a long, ancient history of having and singing Bear Dance songs. Before the treaty of 1868, many Ute sister bands inhabited the whole Rocky Mountain region. The area of San Luis Valley was home to the Capote/Moache Ute bands. Bear is said to have shown the Utes how to perform this sacred dance. It is accompanied by Bear Dance songs and a long wooden rasp, which has notches carved on the top side. When struck with a downward motion using a deer or elk horn antler, it makes a growling sound, representing the growling or awakening of a bear in the spring. This depiction is of a holy man growling and making steps like a bear. The Spirit Bear foot prints are before him; the medicine is great and serves as a protector. Many past warriors took on the character of the bear, allowing them to use its power against enemies.

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20.5 x 9 x 7.5 in.
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