Masters Sponsors and Committee

Learn more about sponsorship opportunities (PDF) or contact Janet Reilly at or 323.495.4317.

2020 Sponsors
As of November 15, 2019

Annenberg Foundation / Keith Renken
Jackie Autry
Don B. Huntley
The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation

Jay H. Grodin
Cindy and Alan Horn
James R. Parks
Gayle and Ed Roski / Majestic Realty Co.

Colleen and Vince Caballero
Susan and Frank Countner
Marilyn B. and Calvin B. Gross
Tally and Bill Mingst
Nancy and Al Plamann
Jodie and James Rea
Lois R. Rice
Union Bank
Sandy and Alan Whitman

Sandy and David Berman
JoAnn and Bruce Corbin
Mona and Frank Mapel
Karon and Tim McCarthy / Whittier Trust
Anita and Walter Plummer
Susan W. and Carl W. Robertson
Lynn R. Valbuena

American Art Collector
American Legacy Fine Arts, Pasadena, CA
Sally and Don Clark
Fine Art Connoisseur
Coeur d’Alene Art Auction
Michael H. Horner
Cynthia and Gary Icardo
Jean and Jim Keatley
International Artist
Manitou Galleries, Santa Fe, NM
Maxwell Alexander Gallery
Montgomery Frames
The Owings Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
Loren Sanladerer
Stanley B. Schneider
Southwest Art Magazine
Western Art & Architecture
Western Art Collector

Masters Best of Show Award, Sponsored by the Renken Family
James R. Parks Trustees’ Purchase Award
Thomas Moran Memorial Award for Painting, Sponsored by Lois R. Rice
The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation Award for Sculpture
Bob Kuhn Wildlife Award, Sponsored by Jodie and James Rea
Stories of the West Award, Sponsored by Susan and Frank Countner
Artists’ Choice Award, Sponsored by Tally and Bill Mingst
Gene Autry Memorial Award, Sponsored by Marilyn B. and Calvin B. Gross
John J. Geraghty Award, Sponsored by The Bohlin Co.


Artists’ Day Tour and Luncheon
Sponsored by Keith Renken and JoAnn and Bruce Corbin, Marilyn B. and Calvin B. Gross, Karon and Tim McCarthy, James R. Parks, Nancy and Alfred Plamann

Billy Schenck Presentation
Sponsored by Sandy and David Berman

Kim Wiggins Presentation
Sponsored by Nancy and Al Plamann