Nicholas Coleman was born in Provo, Utah, in 1978, and received his BA in fine arts in 2002 from Brigham Young University. Brought up in an artistic home, Coleman has been painting and drawing for as long as he can remember. Coleman has found much of his inspiration in his travels across North America, Canada, Europe, and even into Africa. Hunting and fishing along the way, his interest often includes exploring hidden streams and valleys looking for signs of wildlife. He has gained an appreciation for the subtle details hidden in plain sight. In his own words, he wants to “preserve the heritage of the American West.”

Coleman uses a traditional academic approach in his painting. Never formally trained, he looks to the masters of old to inspire and guide his own career. His work definitely has a feel of realism as he strives to make each painting better than the next. There is a certain amount of spontaneity and a slight impressionistic feel to his paintings that let the viewer participate in the work. Coleman endeavors to create a connection between his paintings and the observer by invoking a mood that the viewer can walk into. In Nicholas’s words, “The work I am striving to produce is a kind of preservation of a certain way of life. The West has always fascinated me—so many untold stories to tell!”

His work is included in many museums and private collections and in several art books. Awards for his art include the Director’s Award and First Place Landscape Painting at the Arc International Salon in 2016; the Artists’ Choice Award at the Briscoe Western Art Museum’s Night of Artists and an Award of Merit at the Arc International Salon in 2015; and a Top 100 Award at Arts for the Parks and Award of Merit for Wildlife at the Bennington Center for the Arts’ Art of the Animal Kingdom exhibition in 2003.

Nicholas Coleman is represented by J. N. Bartfield Galleries, New York City; Manitou Galleries, Santa Fe, New Mexico; Maxwell Alexander Gallery, Los Angeles, California; Meredith Long Gallery, Houston, Texas; and Trailside Galleries, Jackson, Wyoming, and Scottsdale, Arizona.

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