Spanish Tapestries

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Every inch of this painting was carefully thought out with respect to design, arrangement, harmonious color, and subject matter. The hand touching the door is taking on a contemporary, Modernist approach in the paint as it feels the cool of the outside air. The opened door also begins abstract elements of thickened, palette knife paint, while the rest of the figure is handled in a delicate, detailed, Realist manner with warm hues mixed with cool on her face, blouse, other hand, and skirt. She exudes an inner light and warmth and is not afraid to expose herself to the outside, but is comfortable with herself and where she is, in the warmth. The asymmetrical balance is dependent on the hand reaching out and touching the door, for without the hand in that area the focus would shift to the viewer’s left and the design would be off-balance. There are many metaphors, but I leave you, the viewer, to come up with more of your own. I integrated Wassily Kandinsky’s thinking in asymmetry when composing my subject. I hope you like it.

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30 x 20 in.
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oil on linen canvas
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