Charles F Lummis and the Songs of Old Spanish California, 1904

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JoAnn Peralta, Charles F Lummis and the Songs of Old Spanish California, 1904

Charles F. Lummis (1859–1928) was a preservationist/conservationist/philanthropist and botanist who attended Harvard and was a friend to President T. Roosevelt. As a young man living in the eastern part of the United States, Lummis took a walk across America to accept a writing job with the Los Angeles Times. During his walk he fell in love with the cultures of America. His affection for the Southwest, especially Indian tribes and Spanish/Latin culture, caused him to see with a new perspective. He became dedicated to saving the old Spanish missions and even held parties that embraced the Spanish songs of the past. Here Lummis demonstrates to schoolchildren the dances of old California as he was taught, and as played by famed Spanish guitarist Rosendo Uruchurtu, who was blind. Lummis preserved the recordings on wax cylinders, which today are part of the Autry’s Braun Research Library Collection.

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28 x 40 in.
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oil on linen canvas
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