The Brigantine "Washington" in the Pacific Northwest, 1791

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On September 29, 1787, an expedition consisting of two vessels, the ship Columbia Rediviva and the sloop Lady Washington, departed Boston bound for the Pacific Northwest. Commanded by Captain John Kendrick, the expedition was to establish trade with the Indigenous people for furs, selling them in Canton and Macao for tea and china, and returning to Boston. Kendrick was favorably received, allowing him to enter into treaties granting him access and the opportunity to negotiate for large tracts of land on behalf of the fledgling United States. The resultant trading outposts would provide the basis for American land claims designed to thwart the ambitions of the British and counter the already established Spanish claims on the western coast of the continent. More than a decade later, the Louisiana Purchase helped solidified the United States’ claims in the Pacific Northwest.

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22 x 40 in.
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oil on canvas
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