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Screening of The Ride Back (1957)

Part of the series What is a Western? Film Series

Saturday, June 16, 2018, 1:30 p.m.

The Autry: Wells Fargo Theater

Included With Museum Admission / Free for Autry Members
Space Is Limited / Reservations Recommended

About the Event

The May and June What Is a Western? films are character-driven postwar Westerns, and each is remarkable for featuring a Mexican protagonist and for portraying Mexican women with agency. Taken together, these movies allow a historically marginalized group to stake a claim as equals in the mythical frontier of America’s past. Introduced by guest curator Anthony Macias, Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies, UC Riverside.

Starring Anthony Quinn as Roberto Kallen, an accused killer seeking refuge in Mexico after fleeing Texas, The Ride Back tells the story of a marshal bringing in a desperado for a fair trial. The movie is significant for depicting Spanish-speaking dialogue, bilingual intercultural communication, and non-caricatured Mexicans. 

Directed by Allen H. Miner | Starring Anthony Quinn, William Conrad, and Lita Milan
Screened in 35mm (courtesy of the Academy Film Archive)

Includes museum admission.

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