The Autry Presents: The Best of Los Angeles Featuring Gaby Moreno

Since moving to Los Angeles from Guatemala, Gaby Moreno has earned a Latin Grammy for Best New Artist, a Grammy nomination for her album Illusion, and an Emmy nomination for co-writing the Parks & Recreation theme song. Moreno also sings the theme song and voices a character on the Disney series, Elena of Avalor. This performance was filmed live at the Autry. 


Gaby Moreno - The Autry Presents: The Best of Los Angeles

About the Featured Objects

Concord Mail Stage Coach, Lewis Downing, Concord, New Hampshire; Iron work by J.G. Chesley; Circa 1855; 93.21.261
Serial Number 69, Fleet Vehicle Number 65, this stagecoach is probably the only known surviving coach from the California Stage Company, the Far West's earliest major stage line. Founded in 1854, the California Stage Company quickly took over the majority of routes within California, eventually extending northward to Portland and eastward to Nevada's Comstock lode. 
The coach held nine passengers on the inside. The top could hold baggage or as many as a dozen more passengers. Teams of four to six horses were managed by a driver with an express guard seated next to him. Mail and packages were carried in the leather boot in the rear. Since stage coaches often transported gold for delivery to banks, drivers and express guards had to be trustworthy, brave, and above all, resourceful. 

After 150 years of use and neglect, coach 65 had turned almost black from darkening varnish layers. Some thought it had been in a fire and christened it “Old Smoky.” Beginning in 1997 the Autry Museum began careful removal of varnish which revealed the original paint scheme, color and decorative details.

Acquisition made possible in part by the Native Sons of the Golden West, Ramona chapter; conservation made possible by Thomas M. Tehee, with support in part by an award from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, a Federal agency established by Act of Congress in 1996 to improve museum, library, and information services.
From Native communities who travel over land and water, to the great cattle drives, to planes, trains, and automobiles, the West has been, is, and will continue to be a place of travel and movement. To learn more about Transportation Across the American West, check out Autry Education’s Digital Tours.
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About the Series

Produced by Gia Hughes and filmed by Emmy-winning filmmaker Austin Straub, The Autry Presents: The Best of Los Angeles features 20+ minute sets by various L.A.-based artists. The musicians will perform alongside artwork and objects on display at the Autry including Bridges by James Doolin, War Music II by Mateo Romero, a Concord mail stagecoach, and many others.